If you are looking for an aquarium installation, residential or commercial, please contact our specialis team to discuss the process.

During the aquarium installation, all on-site activity is managed to ensure the pre-approved plans are constructed as agreed in the design and construction planning stage.

Detailed designs allow the Fish Tank Installation Team to assemble the vision accurately, creating an environment within the aquarium that complements the external space.

Depending on the size of the aquarium, a typical installation takes 2-3 days.

Once the aquarium is completed and the system is fully matured, fish and corals that shape the chosen theme are handpicked and introduced accordingly.


  • On or off-site build, delivery and fish tank installation
  • Fully comprehensive fish tank installation programme
  • Lighting, plumbing and life support optimisation
  • Project management
  • Tailored aquascaping to suit the immediate environment
  • Procurement and introduction of livestock

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