Villa Riviera

Private Client

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Inspired by the beauty of the French Riviera, our client’s villa is home to one of our freshwater custom aquariums.

Originally from England, he is a keen traveller and has always loved going lake fishing in the East. He commissioned us to install this 1500 litre system, based on an Asian discus biotype. The aquarium complements the elegant and pretty interiors of the room. The tank houses colourful Asian discus, Denisonii Barbs and Amano Shrimp. Sulawesi driftwood and vibrant freshwater fauna creates the striking aquascape. Like a beautiful moving painting, it really helps to wonderfully break up the white walls and add another splash of colour to the stylish interiors.

The stylish fish tank depicts a T-shape in design, with a narrow view in the living room to create the living art concept and a wider one in the dinning / kitchen area in order to create a miniature water garden.

Our expert maintenance team services the aquarium every two weeks.