Knightsbridge Residence

Knightsbridge, London

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Behind a discreet doorway on an exclusive Knightsbridge street in the heart of London lies an outstanding home with a unique character. From the sophisticated Italianate central courtyard, to neo-classical cloisters, this home has it all.

The basement area is allocated to the swimming pool and wet room and is designed around two tall acrylic aquariums installed and maintained by our specialist team.

The tanks are over 2 metres deep and are made from 50 mm cast acrylic. The specific stainless steel surrounding was custom made to fit into the property and then house the aquarium. The 14,000 litre system is computer controlled and can be admired by the client from anywhere in the world.

The filtration area sits at an impressive 60 metres away from the main displayed. It is pumped to and from the area via an array of laboratory standard float switches. Because of the remote location of the plant room, the aquariums are very silent. This allows the owners to keep the tranquility of the space whilst also allowing our team to perform the maintenance with minimum disturbance.

The tall acrylic aquariums have various views; from the hallway the aquariums create an inviting atmosphere to a relaxation pool area and from inside they transport the clients to an exotic location as if swimming in the sea with the fish.

The large architectural live rock weighing some 400kg or the size of a small car (!) creates the perfect environment for showcasing corals and housing the saltwater fish. Some exceptional corals found in the aquariums are scleronephthya and tubastrea.

The brief for this project was exceptional and the installation is breathtaking!