Serene Modern Interior

Fulham, London

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We were approached to install a freshwater custom aquarium in this family home in Fulham, London.

The custom fish tank was envisioned to contrast the creamy white tones and the shades of grey that are used throughout the kitchen / dining area. The aquarium compliments the beautifully landscaped garden and connects the outdoors to the inside area.

The aquascape uses intentionally positioned stones to promote positive energy within the room. The overall feel of the space is calming, breathable and an escape from the busy city.

The custom aquarium hosts 14 Blue and 15 Red Discus. Also, smaller fish like Cardinal Tetras are used to create an interesting visual.

The modern aquarium is viewable from 2 sides and is made from specialist toughened and laminated glass which was positioned via a crane over the top of the residence due to its size.