Industrial Chic

Hampstead Heath, London

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A splendid modern aquarium installation in a contemporary home in London filled with unique artwork resulting from the owners’ extensive travel and passion for one of a kind, exquisite items.

The deep blue aquarium warms up the industrial design of the property. The tank separates the cinema area from the library whilst maintaining the feeling of a large open space.

Having grown up on the Mediterranean coast, the clients have a strong connection with the ocean, both being avid divers and sailors. They wanted to express this passion in their London residence by creating a statement custom aquarium that can be admired by friends and family.

The modern aquarium is 3.15m long and contains around 60 fish; including an Achilles Tang, blonde Naso Tang and schools of both Red Spot Cardinals and Emperor Cardinals. The simple walnut cabinetry keeps the look sleek and uncluttered. The design of the library, including oceanic objects of art ties the library to the aquarium.

The aquarium is supported by steelwork and cantilevered on one end to give a unique overhang. As a result, the design also allows for further display space.

The fish tank is designed with integrated remote monitoring so that the the client, who frequently travels, can check on the aquarium from anywhere in the world.

Our professional maintenance teams services the aquarium weekly.