Floating Aquarium

Canary Wharf, London

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Freshwater custom made aquarium housing 40 African Malawi Cichlids. The aquarium is fully supported by glass, being the first of this kind in the world.

The client’s brief was creating a custom made fish tank that will look like completely floating at night. In order to create the desired effect, only glass has been used in the construction resulting into a structural reinforcement in the floor area. The filtration equipment is largely invisible to the eye creating an outstanding effect. It is worth noting that this aquarium is heavier than most small cars!

The livestock was hand selected by the client. For the aquascaping we have tried to replicate the habitat where the fish originate from while creating a modern and striking aquarium. The client was inspired by his travels to South Africa. He wanted to re-create the ecosystem at his residence in London’s financial district,  Canary Wharf. The theme for the custom made aquarium was black asphalt rock and brilliant white Malaysian sand. In addition, Sulawesi driftwood has been added to create a striking feature and it appears out of the water as you would find it in the wild.