Chelsea Sumptuous Interior

Chelsea, London

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The luxurious in wall reef aquarium has been installed in the basement of this exquisite residence in Chelsea, London. The famous interior designers Finchatton have transformed the basement into a truly impressive entertainment area. It incorporates a swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, private cinema room, a bar and a relaxation area with the aquarium as the focus.

The 2000 litre saltwater coral reef tank was cycled for six months prior to adding fish inside in order to allow plenty of time for the tank to settle. The client was highly involved in choosing the fish going into the aquarium. One of the requested fish was the Achilles tang. The striking fish is the star of the aquarium and although they usually have a poor survival rate when kept in captivity, under the specialist eye of Aquarium Architecture the fish has acclimatised perfectly to his new environment and its inhabitants. All the equipment for the aquarium is hidden behind the bespoke wooden facade.

The nearby swimming pool is kept at the same temperature as the custom-made aquarium so that the client feels like they are swimming in the sea.